3d Scanning London

Are you looking for 3d scanning in London? As we know London is a huge area with many 3d scanning London clinics to choose from, so how do you choose the one that’s best for you?

What is 3d Scanning?

3d scanning is a procedure that a lady can have when she is pregnant, the best time to have a 3d scan is usually between 27 and 32 weeks, at this time the baby has very little fat under the skin so the bones will be clear to see. With a 3d scan, you will be able to see the shape of the baby’s nose, mouth and tongue if they are sticking it out.

A baby smiling

If you choose to go to a 3d scanning in London, you can be reassured that it will be safe and will not cause any harm to your baby, there have been many studies that have proved that this is the case.

Which London clinic do you choose?

Searching for 3d scanning London clinics do some research, find a London clinic that is local to the area you live in, one that has many good reviews, and one that you feel you can trust. Ask your friends and family about the 3d scanning London clinic that they used during their pregnancy, friends and family are always truthful and will be sure, to be honest with you and will only recommend a 3d scanning London clinic that they were happy with themselves.