Watch Accessories

Watch winders

What is a watch winder?

A watch winder is a watch accessory used to keep automatic watches running whilst they are not being worn. Many brands such as Wolf and Rapport offer automatic watch winders.

Who invests in a watch winder?

Watch winders are often only purchased for high end, expensive watches rather than those that can be brought from stores for quite cheap. However, if you are a watch collector or have at least one premium watch, we advise you invest in a watch winder.

Reasons to purchase a watch winder:

Individuals will all have there own reasoning as to why they want to purchase a watch winder. However, there are many popular reasons why people buy watch winders. These include:

  • Handy piece of equipment.
  • Your watch will always be wound and therefore will always tell the correct time.
  • Acts as a jewellery box/ safe space.
  • Saves time.

Watch boxes

What is a watch box?

After purchasing a watch, you will always need somewhere to store it to ensure you can always find it when you’re not wearing it and to protect it from being damaged. A watch box is a container that allows you to safely store your watch. They can be made from various materials and can also differ in size and capacity.

Brands that offer watch boxes:

There are many different companies/ brands that design watch boxes. Some of the most popular watch box brands include:

  • Benson
  • Rapport
  • Scatola del Tempo
  • Wolf

Reasons to purchase a watch box:

There may be reasons why individuals specifically want to invest in a watch box, however here are some additional reasons as to why you should:

  • Protects your watch from any particles which may break it.
  • Safe place to store your watch.
  • Stops your watch from being damaged in any sort of way.