Walk In Cold Rooms

Walk in cold rooms are modular standalone structures that are purposefully designed to be temperature-controlled walk-in rooms that act to preserve stock inside at the required temperature. Walk-in cold rooms can be kept to chiller or freezer temperature ranges from -50 °C to +15°C depending on the product requirements.

Things to Consider about Walk-In Cold Rooms

Before investing in a walk-in cold room, it is important to decide whether you would like to buy one outright or rent short or long term. Renting cold rooms is a popular choice with many businesses due to the additional support you get from the rental company in terms of breakdown or replacement of parts.

Some additional considerations to think about are:
• The type of refrigeration technology used
• The level of insulation
• If the cold room is energy efficient
• How much it will cost in energy bills
• Storage space and shelving – is it enough?
• Is there enough room inside for all products
• Temperature range – can it be easily changed
• Is shelving included in the cost
• Is there a warranty or cover in the event of failure
• Response time when the cold room breaks down
• Is there a backup system in case of failure
• Is there room and scope to expand the walk in cold room
• What ongoing maintenance is required
• The time and disruption of the cold room installation

walk in cold room