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Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is a vital part of storage and warehousing for many industries. While there are many suppliersĀ of pallet storage systems, business owners and industry players need to get high-quality products so as to increase efficiency in the warehouse. Additionally, getting the right suppliers and manufacturers of pallet rack systems is beneficial because you will get products that are standard and conform to the international codes of practice. Besides, if you get a supplier who has been in business long enough, you stand to benefit from pallet rack systems that are not only versatile, stable and robust, but also safe, expandable and long-lasting value.

One of the most popular and economical systems is the selective pallet configuration. Here, users get full selective storage up to a height of approximately 12.8 metres which fully utilizes the valuable air space. An advantage of this pallet configuration is that it can be designed and customised to meet your business needs regardless of the size or weight. It also works perfectly with all types of lift trucks.

Drive in Pallet

Another configuration is the drive-in pallet system where maximum storage can be achieved by utilising the minimum space available. If your business deals with large quantities of homogeneous products, then this configuration could work well for you. It is worth noting that this arrangement operates on the first in last out (FILO) basis.

An alternative to the drive-in system is the push back configuration. This system can successfully operate where there are no enough homogeneous pallets. Users of this system enjoy high-density storage and can stock different types of pallets on each level.

Narrow or wide

New generations of warehouses can opt for the Very Narrow Aisle Pallet system. Going up to 18 metres in height, structures must have accurate manufacturing tolerance and excellent levels of rigidity. With this system, warehouse capacity increases by 40% because there is a reduction of the operational aisle and an increase in operational height.

While there are numerous other pallet racking systems available, businesses should undertake an analysis of what they need, and the kind of configurations that will effectively meet their needs.